Hi, you made it!

So what do you think of our fancy new digs?  I’ve been staring at the site for a couple of months now so it all sort of looks the same to me, but I imagine it’s quite a change from the old site.  We’ve brightened things up and with WordPress we get some new options and lose a few that we’d really liked.

Our navigation bar has moved up on top of our header and there are lots of options in a drop down menu under each topic.  Our reviews don’t have their own alphabetical listing on a dedicated page anymore but you can find them listed by grade, they’re searchable by title or author name and if you go to the Sitemap page, you can locate their genre and find them that way.

We have a page set up to showcase our upcoming events and once we get ourselves organized here, we’re going to have a great big giveaway to celebrate our new home.  Since we never did anything specifically for our one year blogoversary (way back in October!), it’ll have to be a super event, I think.

One of the things we’ll miss about Blogger is Google Friends Connect.  Until there’s a better system in place, we would really love it if you supported us by signing up with the new Linky Follower Gadget in the sidebar (it just takes a quick second to sign up) or follow us on Facebook where our posts update daily.  You can also subscribe to our email newsletter which comes through Feedburner and is super simple.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new site!  Find something difficult to read or see?  Catch a dead link?  Does the page load slow or fast or would you like to see bigger images?  Tell us!  If you want to keep it private, just email me, I’d be happy to hear from you.



  1. juliabarrett says:

    Nice!!! I’m in love!

  2. Shiny! I like it! 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love the new site!

  4. It looks awesome. Very clean and pretty.

  5. The new layout looks great, very stylish and easy to navigate.
    I think Bloglovin’ is also a great way to follow and read blogs, I prefer it over the Linky thing and GFC.

    • Hi Sabrina! Thank you so much – I was wondering about Bloglovin’. I didn’t know how many people used it, I’ve only seen it on a few different blogs so far. Then again, the majority of the blogs are still Blogger, although I think that’s going to be changing really soon as they start with their changes as they become Google blogs. I’ll look into it more closely though!

  6. *gasp* The new site looks SUPER fabulous!!!! Love it!

  7. Very Pretty!

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