Rocky Mountain Desire (Six Pack Ranch #3)

Rocky Mountain DesireBy Vivian Arend

Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Publication Date: March 13, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Author

“Nothing comes easy. You’ve gotta work for it. ”

“Six Pack Ranch, Book 3”

Matt Coleman always figured at this point in his life, he’d be settled down with a family. Since his ex split for the big city, though, no way will he give anyone else the chance to drop-kick his heart. Physical pleasure? Hell, yeah, he’ll take-and give-with gusto, but nothing more.

Hope Meridan is working long hours to hold on to her new quilt shop, going it alone since her sister/business partner ran off. Sex? Right, like she’s got the time. Not that she doesn’t have the occasional dirty fantasy about Matt. Fat chance he’d dream of knocking boots with her-the younger sister of the woman who dumped him. Nope, she’ll just have to settle for the F-word.

“Friends” would be far easier if there wasn’t something combustible going on between them. And when casual interest starts to grow into something more, their tenuous bond strengthens in the heat of desire. But it may not survive the hurricane-force arrival of the last person either of them ever wanted to see again…

Warning: Small-town rivals, men in pursuit and family meddling-in good and bad ways. Look for a cowboy who knows how to rope, ride and rein in a hell of a lot more than eight seconds of sheer bliss.

Goodreads Summary

*There are some slight spoilers for the first two books in the series, Rocky Mountain Heat and Rocky Mountain Haven*

Like all of the other books I’ve read by this author, even though Rocky Mountain Desire is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone but these are so much better when you read them all in order. Since they’re so far just about the Coleman brothers, you see each couple again in the next book, future heroes in current and past books and little ongoing side stories. I promise you won’t gain any weight from all the ranching man-candy unless you eat chocolate while reading. Ahem.

Matt Coleman may have gotten hooked into planning his brother Daniel’s bachelor party but he’s not all that interested in family fun. He’s still not over his cheating ex-girlfriend dumping him and skipping town but he’d really like some female companionship of the doesn’t-stick-around kind. Just as he’s pondering his lack of options, one of the dancers hired for the night’s entertainment catches his eye – she looks a whole lot like his ex. The dancer knew Matt and had been attracted to him, but instead of his ex, the horrible Helen, she was her younger sister, Hope. There’s embarrassment all around, with a double helping for Hope – not only was she drooling over Matt, she’s got a respectable quilt shop and was only there dancing as a favor for a friend and really doesn’t want it getting out.

They don’t see each other for months, time that Matt still needed to get past some of the worst of his bitterness toward Helen. He still feels a little weird about Hope – he’s attracted to her, but should he be? He rescues her from a snowbank and they rescue each other from hypothermia – his family helps with the rest, giving him the push he needs to start seeing Hope for who she is, not just as Helen’s sister.

All of the Coleman brothers are pretty exceptional but Matt has been my favorite (so far, though I always reserve the right to change my mind later where these guys are concerned). Helen managed to make him doubt himself and there weren’t any simple fixes even if he is a natural Grade A Alpha. When Helen left Rocky Mountain, she didn’t just dump Matt, she left Hope in the lurch too, on the hook for rent and solely responsible for the quilt shop. At odd moments in the story, they would bond as survivors of Helen and at others, struggle to hold onto each other in spite of her. Hope and Matt have some unbelievably hot love scenes – seriously break the ice water out hot. I might have been overdressed or something because it’s possible I either was flushed or blushed depending on your perspective.

The same family atmosphere is back in Rocky Mountain Desire that was present in the first two books that I adored so much. Jaxi and Blake have their girls now, Daniel and Beth have their family and it’s fun to continue to watch the youngest Coleman twins Jesse and Joel continue to reel the girls in and to try to solve the mystery of brother Travis. Now that Hope’s joined the family, there are quilting circles and even more about the guys down at the garage.

My Summary: I always say this about each prior book, but you know, this is my favorite book in the series yet. Matt and Hope were the most compatible couple imaginable, the joy of the book was watching the two of them figure it out. The long, slow slide they took into love was perfect for them and exactly the way it had to be given their history. Matt’s proposal/non-proposal/sort-of-missed proposal was the sweetest, most original and them that I could imagine.

My Rating: A


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