The Best Mistake

The Best MistakeBy Linda Kage

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: March 14, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Author

Deri “The Mistake” Crandall wants nothing more than the love and acceptance from a family. After her mother dies, she finally discovers who her father is—except he and his family aren’t exactly everything she’s dreamed of. Not about to let a little thing like that bother her, she strives her hardest to fit in. Though honest to a fault, she even lies to gain their affection. But who could have predicted the one man with whom she immediately clicks is the very millionaire her grandfather orders her to betray?

Cole Harrety’s life is all about work and ignoring play, until a petite, curvy bundle of quirky woman literally tumbles into his lap. From the moment he loses a staring contest with her, he knows Deri is exactly what’s been missing from his mundane life and no other woman will ever compete with her.

With a web of deception already woven, can their new bond survive a shattered trust?

Goodreads Summary

Never judge a book by its cover. When I page through my recommendations at Goodreads, Amazon and other places, I try to repeat that over and over to myself but I just can’t help but click on all the pretty covers to see what’s inside and I likely miss a lot of good stories because I don’t look at books with less than inspiring cover art. One of the best things about getting submissions is that I generally don’t get cover art – just the synopsis or a partial first chapter and I sort of decide from there – if there is cover art I rarely look at it. I don’t think I would have picked this book out of a line-up but I liked the synopsis, the author’s voice and the author and am glad I didn’t get the chance to judge this book by its cover.

Cole Harrety knows someone’s been sent into his social networking company looking for business secrets but he doesn’t have a name – not a real name, just the overheard code name, “The Mistake.” He never suspects that it’s new intern Deri, the pretty and funny woman who managed to launch herself off of a ladder into his arms, breaking her ankle. He’s amused by her silly attitude and realizes she has no idea he’s her boss. Deri is bowled over by this gorgeous guy who’s taking care of her at the hospital and has the same sense of humor that she does – and he seems to be interested in her.

Deri has been nicknamed “The Mistake” for a reason. After the recent death of her mother, she discovered her dad and his family, a super-rich group of snobs who are less than thrilled to see her. As far as they’re concerned, since she’s found them, she hasn’t managed to do one thing right and they had pretty low expectations for her potential to infiltrate Harrety’s company in the first place. For some reason I really was never sure of, she took a lot of crap from them over and over for no reward – a blind man could see how awfully they all treated her. When she decides she wants Cole more than to please them, she has to try to get away from them without his ever knowing what she’d promised them to do, even if she never had any intention of doing it. The poor girl bounced between being romanced by Cole and being in a panic attack for most of the story.

Cole had really fallen hard and fast for Deri. Okay, it was sort of the usual not-so-rich girl doesn’t care at all about how much money her boss/guy has, she really loves him for himself thing, but they really were cute together. Deri was a little goofy and would throw Cole off guard and Cole was pretty hot and would get Deri all wound up. I thought the little timely twist that Cole’s company involved social media was interesting – normally books keep it boringly generic, having the hero just have a company that invested in something or other that made millions doing something or other. In ten years it might be dated, but for now, it was something that stood out.

There was some crazy drama near the end and not just between Deri and Cole – tears, storming around, table pounding, doors slamming, fist-shaking…well, you get the idea. One very believable required grovel later, there was a nice happily ever after that satisfied me.

This reads very much like slightly spicier Harlequin contemporary with the exception of its length, which means there’s not as much story and character development. There wasn’t a lot of time spent in the book with Deri’s dastardly family, definitely not enough to explain her extreme loyalty to them. There were just tiny bits of things here and there that weren’t exactly missing – they didn’t feel like plot or character holes – but there were places that would have been perfect to put more information in. I really do understand that there are different length limits on submissions though and that might have been the case here, not any particular content intention so I’m not blaming the author.

My Summary: This little novella is a good mix of sweet, funny and sexy with a little bit of over-the-top drama and a modest grovel tossed in for good measure (and I adore a good grovel). The characters aren’t always perfectly understandable and the situations sometimes inexplicable but for the length this story was limited to, it was great escapism and when I closed the book, I was happy with what I’d read and wouldn’t hesitate to buy this author again.

My Rating: B+


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