Rita’s March Blog Hop – Our Contribution

We’re joining Rita Webb’s March month of being thankful and her lalapalooza of giveaways by adding in a couple of prizes of our own to her booty being offered. Rita’s giving away 5 – $10 Amazon Gift Certificates, plus bigger prizes if sales goals of her two books currently available are reached, including a Kindle Fire.  You can enter to win the giveaways at Rita’s Blog.

In addition to Rita’s 5 gift certificates, we’re adding another 2 – $10 Amazon Gift Certificates to her giveaway.

Part of the hop is talking about what we’re thankful for this month too.  I gave Rita a little bit of a good-natured hard time about this part.  I mean, I was thankful in November, do I have to be again?  Yes, I was joking.  There are things I’m always thankful for and never forget.  This month in particular is special because my mom’s birthday is the 27th – I just always associate the entire month with her.  She’s my best friend (although you never could have told the 13-year-old me that), the first person I tell my troubles to, the first person I call when I have happy news and while it sounds weird to everyone I’ve ever known, she calls me every morning at 8:00 to say “good morning,” and we chat a little about what we’ve got on our schedules that day.

Does she drive me crazy sometimes?  Oh yes.  She buys me things I don’t want or need, takes over when I don’t want or need her to and while I’ve been an adult for a long, long time, forgets it a lot.  But she’s my mom and when I look at my own son, I hope when he’s my age, he doesn’t care if I call him once in a while to see what he’s got planned for the day.  So March is the month I’m thankful for my mom.

*wipes a tear* Well, shoot. I was going to write something about the wonderful weather here in Memphis and how I can wear flip flops in March, but after Barbara’s comments, I feel like I need to write about something more.. substantial.

So in keeping with the theme, I want to share how grateful I am for my husband. He is the hardest working person I know, and he is a wonderful provider and willing to go to work day after day so that I can stay home with our munchkin. Plus, you know, he’s my best friend and the person I love to spend time with most in the world. We call each other a bazillion times a day for the most ridiculous reasons, but I couldn’t live without those phone calls. I’m madly in love with my wonderful husband and love every day I spend with him.



  1. IdentitySeeker says:

    Awww… That’s really heartwarming. I look at my mum and gran and how they phone each other at least three times a day just to chat and catch up. I find this a little nauseating now and can’t imagine ever phoning my mum every day just to chat, but I know that once I move away, I’m going to miss her and want to chat to her more than just three times a day. I also hope to have a husband who will be my best friend and who I will be thankful for everyday of my life. You are both very lucky and I wish you all of the best for the future!

    Thank you for participating in this hop:)



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