Indie Friday Info

Indie Friday

Barbara and I wanted to spend a little time today introducing a new feature we will be starting next week: Indie Friday. We’ve both read some really great books recently that were tagged as indie or self-pubbed, and we wanted to have one whole day devoted to books and authors in this category. Here are the deets:

Indie Friday – You’re invited!

-Indie Friday will take place on the first Friday of every month. We will be showcasing authors and books throughout the day with author interviews, guest posts and maybe a giveaway or two.

Bloggers: It’s a party! We want everyone to participate, and post your reviews for awesome indie/self-pub books you’ve read and want to recommend. Or find an author you love and ask for an interview. They don’t bite, I promise. We’ll have a linky set up here on the blog for you to link up your reviews and that way we can visit each other’s posts and chat about what we’ve read. See that awesome graphic up there? We’ll have that available too, so you can spread the word and everyone will know where to go.

Authors: If you’re interested in participating or would like to be featured here at Basia’s Bookshelf, please e-mail us at We’d love to hear from you!

Our normal review submission guidelines apply when it comes to type of books we read, so if you have any questions, check out our Review Guidelines tab.  We’re starting out small, making the decision to do an organized event on the first Friday of every month assuming we don’t have another event we can’t reschedule that pushes things back a day or two.  While we can only choose one book and author to specifically feature for Indie Friday, we may find another author or two that we’d love to read, interview or have a guest post from during the month, depending on our reading load.

In order to keep the submissions of books fresh and to continue to give new authors a chance to submit, we’ll be choosing books in groups of three (three months at a time) with an occasional book or more added in if we can.  If you haven’t been chosen, absolutely feel free to resubmit!

Email Submissions To:


We love your comments and do our best to respond to each of them. This is an awards-free blog but we do occasionally take chocolate tributes (okay, kidding).

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