I’ve Got Your Number

I've Got Your NumberBy Sophie Kinsella

Publisher: The Dial Press
Publication Date: February 14, 2012
Genre: Chick Lit
Source: Netgalley

I’ve lost it. The only thing in the world I wasn’t supposed to lose. My engagement ring. It’s been in Magnus’s family for three generations. And now, the very same day his parents are coming, I’ve lost it. The very same day. Do not hyperventilate Poppy. Stay positive!!

Poppy Wyatt has never felt luckier. She is about to marry the ideal man, Magnus Tavish, but in one afternoon her ‘happy ever after’ begins to fall apart. Not only has she lost her engagement ring but in the panic that followed, she has now lost her phone. As she paces shakily round the hotel foyer she spots an abandoned phone in a bin. Finders keepers! Now she can leave a number for the hotel to contact her when they find her ring. Perfect!

Well, perfect except the phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton doesn’t agree. He wants his phone back and doesn’t appreciate Poppy reading all his messages and wading into his personal life.

What ensues is a hilarious and unpredictable turn of events as Poppy and Sam increasingly upend each other’s lives through emails and text messages. As Poppy juggles wedding preparations, mysterious phone calls and hiding her left hand from Magnus and his parents… she soon realises that she is in for the biggest surprise of her life.

Goodreads Summary

All right, I need y’all to bear with me a moment while I take a trip down memory lane. Several years ago I was a geeky, awkward teenager with bushy hair and crooked teeth. I’d just moved to TX and didn’t have any friends, so I spent most of my time reading books. I remember my mom bought a book one day called Confessions of a Shopaholic, and it was the first book I’d ever stayed up late to finish because I couldn’t physically put it down. I was caught up in the humor and the realness of Becky Bloomwood and her ability to make a simple situation into one gigantic mess. Basically, I fell in love with Sophie Kinsella’s books on the spot, and while she hasn’t always come through for me, I’ve still been a faithful reader ever since. I jumped at the chance to review I’ve Got Your Number, and it more than surpassed every expectation.

Poppy Wyatt has done the one thing every bride-to-be fears: she lost her engagement ring. This isn’t just any engagement ring either, it’s been in her fiance’s family for generations. Poppy is frantically searching for the ring, leaving flyers all around the hotel she was was at attending a luncheon, and speaking to every hotel employee she can find. She steps outside to make a phone call, and as she is bring it up to her ear, her phone is snatched right out of her hand by a bike riding thief. She stands there in horror, because not only has her phone been snatched, but every hotel employee has the phone number to that phone that is swiftly riding away from her. She steps back into the lobby, and on one of her rounds of pacing she stumbles upon a phone just sitting there in the trash. She picks it up, and when no alarms go off and she decides that anyone who would throw away a perfectly good phone doesn’t deserve it anyway.

This perfectly good phone does belong to someone, one Sam Roxton. Well, it belongs to his PA anyway, who quit without any notice. After she explains her situation to him, he grudgingly agrees to share the phone with her for a few days until her ring is found. She agrees in return to forward him every e-mail and text message sent to the phone. Can she help it if she happens to read every e-mail as she does so? Or send off one, maybe two, responses in his name to people he refuses to reply to? It’s what every good person would do, really.

Poppy is your typical Sophie Kinsella heroine. Kind-hearted, funny and every action or word is backed by good intentions. Poppy manages to get herself into all sorts of awkward situations that had me laughing so hard, I cried. Kinsella has a wonderful ability to create inner monologues that make the character even more real to me. I loved it when she was talking with Sam, and I equally enjoyed it when she was talking to herself in her head. The best thing about Kinsella’s novels is the humor. I can’t recall another author that makes me laugh as much as her.

Since the book is told from Poppy’s sole point-of-view, we only get to know the other characters through her eyes and observations. Her fiance is a total jerk, and I couldn’t wait until she got a clue and chucked him overboard. Sam was.. Sam. Sexy and powerful and absolutely capable of dealing with Poppy’s ability to get herself in a pickle. Also, he’s forgiving since some of Poppy’s pickles involve Sam and the phone space they share together. The ending of the book is so sweet, and I can’t help but want more of Poppy and Sam and the wonderful chemistry they have together.

My Summary: Sophie Kinsella really nailed it with I’ve Got Your Number. I haven’t loved the last few releases of hers, but after reading it twice in the last few weeks, this book has quickly become my favorite of all her books. I love the humor, the honesty and the realness of Poppy’s character. It felt like my best friend was telling me the story of when she really fell in love. Read it, and I hope you love it as much as I did.

My Rating: A+



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