Guest Post: Janine Ashbless

Originally posted January 12, 2012

Heart of Flame Tour
Today we’re welcoming author Janine Ashbless to the blog. Heart of Flame, Janine’s latest book, has just been released and she’s not only giving away a copy of her previous novella to one lucky commentator, she let me torture her with a question! The heroine in Heart of Flame is believed to have been kidnapped by a dijinni so of course I had to toss out a totally random question – if you just happened to find one (like they’re at Wal*Mart or something), what would you wish for?

Janine AshblessIf a djinni gave me three wishes …

Actually this is way harder than I thought it would be. For a start I’m assuming there are limits to a djinni’s power. Like, they probably can’t mess with human free will (so, no making the whole human race into compassionate and peaceful dog-lovers) or individual destiny (so, no *mumble* giving me the power to strike people dead at will *mumble*). Djinn in stories are pretty good at creating objects – palaces that appear overnight, for example – and transporting things and people across the world. Simple stuff really, so long as the laws of physics aren’t watching.

The other reason, sickening though may sound, is that I struggle to think of anything much that would improve my life. I’m a writer – what could be better, eh? Unless it’s something like erotic/romantic literature being taken seriously in the English-speaking world. But there goes that pesky Free Will thingy again…

Yazid, the djinni in Heart of Flame, is incredibly powerful but none too smart … especially when it comes to understanding humans. His biggest challenge is to get one itty-bitty young woman to do what he wants. I guess we’re awkward like that!

Here goes.

I wish for …

• The ability to manage happily without sleep. (Okay, two hours a night would be fine. And that would give me a whole extra six hours every day to Get Stuff Done. Think how much I could write…)
• A magical recipe for delicious but totally calorie-free cookies. (Now that would win me the adoration of millions! Also, I could eat them non-stop while writing.)
• A Gerard Butler sex robot. (Do I need to explain or justify this further, ahem?)

What about you?


Thanks so much for stopping by, Janine!


We love your comments and do our best to respond to each of them. This is an awards-free blog but we do occasionally take chocolate tributes (okay, kidding).

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