Interview with Author Cherie Colyer

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Cherie Colyer

We’re very pleased to welcome Cherie Colyer at Basia’s Bookshelf today. Her book Embrace is currently out (and getting some fabulous reviews – mine’s coming!) and she was kind enough to hang out and answer some of my questions. So Cherie, it’s terrific to have you!

Cherie: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Barbara: Give us a teaser about Embrace – pretend you’re that guy who does the voice-overs for the movies and give us your best shot at a trailer.

If she had anything to say about it,
her life would never change.
But this year,
everything’s changing.
Madison will need to embrace the unknown if she hopes to save her best friend from an illness not even the doctors can explain. She’ll need to believe in the impossible and learn to control unseen forces before her friend is lost forever.

B: Now that I’ve made you shorten the blurb, I’ll let you go crazy and say whatever you like about Madison and Isaac. Their pasts, what they are to each other…

C: Madison’s life is pretty average. She’s a junior in high school, a fairly positive person, and is always there for her closest friends who she depends on more than she realizes. Madison and her boyfriend of two years broke up at the end of sophomore year when he moved 1400 miles away. She’s still getting used to single life. Being introduced to the hot new guy gives her the push she needs to move on. Madison is the type of person who avoids conflict at all cost – you never know, the unpleasant situation might just go away on its own – and more than anything, she hates change in her life. Unfortunately for Madison, her life is about to change in a big way.

Isaac’s new to Gloucester and while he’s not excited about having to start at a new school senior year of high school, he’s keeping that quiet. Moving across the street from one of Madison’s closest friends helps.

Isaac’s the mysterious sexy new guy and as irrational as Madison knows it is she can’t stop thinking about him, but Isaac’s a guy with a secret and it’s the things he doesn’t say out loud that have Madison questioning if he’s right for her.

B: Would you consider Embrace a paranormal thriller? Or does it have some paranormal elements?

C: A paranormal thriller.

B: I think most authors would say they get hit with inspiration for a story and then it’s hard work from there. Did anything in particular inspire you?

C: My fascination for the paranormal definitely inspired Embrace. I’d written a middle grade fantasy and really wanted to write a young adult novel. Once I got the idea for Madison and knew who she was, I was able to write the first draft in a few months.

B: How long was the process from inspiration to publication? What sort of bumps did you encounter along the way?

C: Embrace had a long journey from inspiration to publication. I wrote the first draft in 2008. The overall plot has remained the same, but how Madison and her friends get from page one to the final chapter has grown over the years. The most challenging chapters to write were the opening chapters. I really wanted the reader to discover the secrets in Madison’s world as she does. This posed the problem of introducing the main conflict early in the book when the main character didn’t know herself what all was happening around her. I must have written a dozen versions of chapter one alone before I got it close to what I wanted.

B: So what’s next for you?

C: I’m working on the sequel to Embrace. Plus I’m querying my middle grade ghost story and I have another teen paranormal thriller that I hope to find a home for this year.


I want to thank Cherie for taking time to answer my questions and I can’t wait for the sequel to Embrace (so get typing!). If you want to read Embrace, how’d you like to win a copy?? Just scroll down a little bit and you’ll find a giveaway for an ebook copy of Embrace, along with links to the rest of the tour dates where you have more chances to win – and a way to win a Grand Prize at the end!


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