Coming in December: Top 10 of 2011

Top 10 of 2011
This is my first full year of blogging and while I was putting together my review of Dragon Bound for a Comfort Reads post the other week, I was mentally trying to put together a “best of 2011” list in my head.  It was a totally futile effort because…well, these things are unless I’m staring at a list right in front of me and I have a spreadsheet and laser pointer or something.  Okay, maybe not the laser pointer.  But anyway, I was thinking about what I’d read and what had been the best.  Then I saw this great week-long event with the fun categories and figured it was fate, right?  So here are the details:
The event is hosted through the last week of December by Jessica from Confessions of a BookaholicLisa from A Life Bound by BooksJaime and Patricia from Two Chicks on Books and Rachel from Fiktshun.  Each day there’s a different Top 10 list, each day you’ll post your list to a linky at a host’s site.
The categories:
Monday, December 26: Top 10 books I’ve read in 2011
Tuesday, December 27: Top 10 book covers of 2011
Wednesday, December 28: Top 10 book boyfriends in 2011
Thursday, December 29: Top 10 characters in 2011
Friday, December 30: Top 10 books I’m looking forward to in 2012 (optionally, we can add our year-end stats, total number of books read or any other kind of recap of the year)
There are a lot more details about the event, some rules and the linky for sign-up at Fiktshun.


  1. I'm doing this too!! Wicked excited!!

  2. Chaa, where do you think I got the linky from?? 😀 I sneak all sorts of good things from stalking you. lol

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