BLI 2011 Holiday Reading Challenge

2011 BLI Holiday Challenge
I’m just a challenge-accepting nut this year!  It helps keep me focused on my messy TBR pile though, as well as giving me an excuse to keep buying new things, even though my TBR pile is messy.  See the crafty way that works?  Yeah, me neither.  But I still have fun joining up and this is a new type of challenge for me.  I admit, I’m not usually a fan of holiday-themed books so I’ll have to actively look for them for this one, but I’m looking forward to it.Challenge Rules:

1. The BLI Holiday Reading Challenge will start on November 10 and will end on December 31.

2. You can read as many holiday themed books for the challenge as you wish, pick your level:

Santa’s Helper: read 1-3 holiday themed books
Serial Mistletoe-er: read 4-6 holiday themed books
Candy Cane-aholic: read 7 or more holiday themed books – this is the level I’m aiming for! 🙂

3. The books you read for this challenge must all be holiday related books. The holiday doesn’t matter, it can be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. and the story can have any connection to the holiday (for example set around Christmastime, or having Santa or an elf as a character, the cover being festive, etc.).

4. The format, length or genre of the books do not matter, they can be ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks, and short stories and novellas do count as well. It’s okay for the book to overlap with other challenges. The only thing is that they can’t be children’s books, but YA novels are good. Re-reads are also fine.

5. Start the challenge by signing up! Leave a link back to your challenge post in the linky below.

If you don’t have a blog, no problem, you can still sign up with your name and e-mail address.

(There will be posts later where you can leave your links to the reviews and of course there will be a challenge wrap up post at the end).

6. And of course there will be prizes! There will be separate giveaways where you can win some holiday themed novels (the rules for those will be set out on the separate posts) and there will be the Big Giveaway: at the end of the challenge we will draw a winner from all the review links. Meaning the more books you read, review and link up, the more chances you have at winning. 🙂 The winner will have their choice of any holiday themed book under 10 USD.

The linky sign-up is open – just go to Book Lovers Inc. and follow the directions!

I couldn’t decide if I should be conservative and just grab a couple of books or really challenge myself, so I’m splitting the difference and going for the Serial Mistletoe-er level and will read between 4 and 6 holiday-themed books.



  1. Hi Barbara! So glad to see you join the BLI Holiday Reading Challenge! 🙂 If you want some holiday novel suggestions we will post a few on BLI tomorrow, just saiyng ;-pGood luck with the challenge! 🙂

  2. Hi Stella! 😀 Oh, I'll probably need them. So far I have Penny Watson's Sweet Majik and…uh, that's it. I need a list!

  3. Hi Barbara,I just joined this challenge, too. I also thought Santa's Helper was most achievable but decided it isn't a challenge unless I'm challenged and went with Serial Mistletoe-er! Good luck to both of us! 🙂

  4. Hi Christine! Now that I'm working through the Challenge, I might end up with more than the Mistletoe-er, but I knew the second I committed to a bigger number, I'd never be able to do it. I'm not doing so well on my 2011 challenges. :DGood luck to you!!

  5. Well, you're way ahead of the game compared to me. I haven't read any holiday books yet! Hopefully that will change sometime today because I finally finished the book I was reading and am ready to start something new. I haven't been doing well with my 2011 reading challenges either… but I'm SO close in about five of them so I'm really going to try to meet those challenges this month. Fortunately I work well under pressure. LOL! 😀

  6. I have…um, way too many books to go on the three challenges I have left to complete. lol I can concentrate on maybe two of them, but one for sure isn't going to get done. I'm too fickle, I think. Midway through the year I ended up reading a ton of paranormal/fantasy YA and it didn't fit any challenges so I got so far behind.Now I'm in a race to read PNR and UF. And regular YA romance! So maybe…Christmas YA romance, a PNR Christmas and a YA UF? 🙂

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