Our Comfort Reads: All the Right Angles

Our Comfort Reads
Our Comfort Reads is our own blog feature that Barbara and I use to highlight and recommend books that we read when we need a little pick-me-up. Whether we’re overwhelmed with our TBR pile, need a break from a bad run of books or just want something familiar to read that we know will deliver a good story and a happy ending, these are the books we turn to and we hope that you’ll enjoy them too.

As soon as Barbara and I talked about doing this post, I immediately knew at least five books that I would feature in this post. All I had to do was walk ten feet to my beloved bookshelves and pick out the most worn paperbacks. I picked this book at random from a Wal-Mart shelf a few years ago and I do believe that now this book looks a bit.. used.

All the Right Angles

By Stef Ann Holm

Publisher: Harlequin Books
Publication Date: Oct 1, 2001
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Architect Francesca Moretti has always been taught to aim high, work hard and finish what you start. So when it falls to her–the baby of the family and only daughter–to head up the family construction business and see a high-profile project through to completion, there is no question of bailing out.

Still, it won’t be easy. Construction is a guys’ game–Franci will have to prove she’s just as comfortable in steel-toed work boots as in peep-toe heels. To make matters worse, the financing company has sent a glorified babysitter to oversee the project: nitpicking workaholic Kyle Jagger. The human watchdog is constantly looking over Franci’s shoulder–and not always at the blueprints. And Franci’s getting the distinct impression that Kyle is interested in a little more than just the bottom line.

Goodreads Summary

I think my favorite kind of love story is the type where the couples absolutely loathe each other in the beginning, and the attraction and love builds slowly through the story. The happily ever after seems that much better because the pair had to work for it.

I won’t do a synopsis, since the summary does a pretty good job of hitting the high points. Franci and Kyle are thrown together after a tragedy in Franci’s family requires her to take the reins of the family construction business. Kyle is one of those know-it-all rich guys who thinks his way is the only way. The two are both incredibly stubborn and unwilling to admit they are attracted to each other in the beginning. But after several days of working in the close confines of a construction trailer, they inevitably succumb and admit how much their blood sizzles when the other is near. Then the physical attraction grows to like. They have been working closely together and Kyle begins to admire Franci’s devotion to her family and ability to throw on a hard hat and walk around the site in a skirt and heels. Franci soon comes to appreciate Kyle’s experience in the business, and how he’s really there to help the family not hinder them. Soon, the respect grows to love, and it’s that moment of realization that makes me read romances over and over again. Sigh.

The story isn’t very original, and I’m sure you can find something similar to it out there. I’ve read a few of this author’s novels now and I’ve always appreciated how she focuses more on the characters and the story than the bedroom scenes. Not that I don’t love a smexin’ scene or two (or a dozen), but sometimes it’s nice to read a story without fanning myself. Or having my hubs look at me strangely because my face is all flushed. Anyway, All the Right Angles is fun, light hearted and sweet and I hope that if you ever get a chance to read it you will love Franci and Kyle just as much as I do.



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