Our Comfort Reads: Caitlyn McGregor

Our Comfort Reads
Our Comfort Reads is our own blog feature that Barbara and I use to do a small review and recommend books that we read when we need a little pick-me-up. Whether we’re overwhelmed with our TBR pile, need a break from a bad run of books or just want something familiar to read that we know will deliver a good story and a happy ending. These are all our “A” rated books, ones we hope you’ll enjoy too.

Not only is the book I’m featuring today a great read, but it also has extra special meaning as it’s my namesake. Yes, I was named after a book. How appropriate, yes? Clearly we were destined for each other. My mom read this years before she had me, and if I remember correctly it was the first adult romance novel I read as a kid. I can definitely blame Caitlyn McGregor for my obsession with all things happily ever after.

Caitlin McGregor
Caitlyn McGregor

By Kitt Brown
Frontier Women Saga #1
Publisher: Fawcett
Publication Date: July 12, 1981
Genre: Western Historical Romance

Caitlyn McGregor.. an untamed spitfire with a dream of conquest – to build a homestead in the wilds of Kentucky.

Setting out with wealthy, handsome Jonathan Ware, a strong and able gentleman but a complete innocent in the ways of the woods, Caitlyn headed down the Ohio River. Together they fought the savage wilderness, braving murderous attacks by Indians, and the slaughter of the American Revolution. But they could not fight nor arm themselves against the fiery passions that burned within them…

Unfortunately, this was the best picture I could find on the internet. And truthfully, that’s about the condition of the copy I have. The front cover is holding on by a thread (literally), and it’s been nibbled on by a former roommates’s dog a few times. While the pages are a little faded with time, the words are still there to enjoy.

Thankfully, my namesake was a strong, independent, spitfire of a woman. Caitlyn McGregor was born a river rat and suffered from ridicule and condescension from those who considered themselves better than her. Her father operated a river boat, and together with Caitlyn’s brothers they ferried people and supplies up and down the Ohio River. Because of her contact with the passengers, she knows of the uninhabited land that can be reached a little further down the river than the ferry boats go. She doesn’t want to be a river rat all her life, and her dream is to build a homestead and live her life in peace and quiet.

Due to a scuffle one fateful trip on the boat, Caitlyn sets out to get her dream a little earlier than she’d planned. She even- unwillingly – finds herself with a companion: rich, Philadelphian socialite Jonathan Ware. Jonathan has left his comfortable, predictable life behind to seek adventure. He’s captivated by Caitlyn, just a teenage girl when they first meet. They make their way through unsettled territory to a little peace of land that Caitlyn instantly knows is The Place she’s been looking for.

The book spans several years, and the Indian attacks and the Revolutionary War sends them fleeing to safety. Jonathan deposits Caitlyn with his fiance back in Philadelphia while he goes off to fight the war. Now Caitlyn has grown into a beautiful woman and once it’s safe again, she travels back to that little piece of land and settles for good. Jonathan soon follows, and after years of tension, separation and an unspoken attraction between the two they finally settle on the land they found together and live happily ever after.

This book brings me so much joy, and I read it about twice a year. I have since I first read it. This book and I are old friends and it’s been a beloved companion throughout all my own adventures. Caitlyn is such a wonderful character, and she always inspires me to be a better person. The romance between Caitlyn and Jonathan is slow to build, but it’s one of the most passionate love stories I’ve ever read.

Now that I’ve rambled on and on about it, I’m going to head off and read it. I need my comfort read!




  1. Lovely idea for a post. Not everything has to be about new releases 🙂

  2. Not that I have a clear memory of a ton of them *cough*, but this reminds me of all of the great books I used to snitch from my grandmother's terrific collection.How cool is it that you were named after a book! And one you liked, fortunately. I have a feeling given the dates, I was named after that awful Beach Boys song. >:|

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