Banned Books Week Giveaway

According to the American Library Association, since it first starting keeping records in 2009, more than 10,600 books have been officially challenged in the United States for reasons ranging from being anti-family or racist to the two most often-used complaints, containing offensive language or being sexually explicit.  The group most often making the challenges were parents and the books were from schools and school libraries.  Among the top most historically banned or challenged books are ones that I couldn’t even imagine having been removed from either my school curriculum or my own library at home: The Catcher in the Rye.  To Kill a Mockingbird.  The Lord of the Flies.  1984.

Not surprisingly, it’s not just the classics under fire.  Literature teenagers are exposed to has always been a hot button issue (witness the dust storm kicked up by Meghan Cox Gurdon’s WSJ piece and the reply by YA author Maureen Johnson and more), so some contemporary favorites have made the list in the last decade.  The Harry Potter series, Twilight, the Gossip Girl series, The Kite Runner, Crank and The Hunger Games have all made the top ten challenged books for at least one year, some more often.

So what can we do?  Besides continuing to support the authors (and libraries) we love, the American Library Association has plenty of ideas: Advocacy and Legislation.

In support of Banned Books week, we’re giving away a book of your choice from The Book Depository of up to $15US.  The contest is open internationally and will run from Saturday, September 24th through Saturday, October 1st.  We’ll be picking a winner no later than Monday, October 3rd.

We’re keeping entry simple – you must be a GFC follower and there’s an additional entry point for a “Like” on our new-ish Facebook page.  Which hopefully Facebook hasn’t messed around with too much during their redesigning.

Giveaway is closed – thank you!


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