Manic Monday – Finally Catching Up, Welcoming Cait

Things have been insanely busy, both on the blog and in real life here at home, so it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get my feet under me enough to properly introduce my wonderful friend and new blogging partner Cait and talk about some things that we’ll be doing with the blog in the future.  She’s got some things to say too though, so I’m going to let her go first.  I’ll warn you, she’s awfully exuberant (said the old granny).     ~Barbara


Hey y’all! It’s Cait here, AKA the “Minion” (please tell me someone gets the movie reference!). Barbara wanted me to take up a bit of page space and mention a few things that are happening around here. I can’t tell you all how excited I am to be here, working with Barbara. If you’ve been following her blog for awhile, you already know how brilliant and insightful her reviews are. I have no hope of competing with her humor and ability to write, so just think of me as her bumbling sidekick. That just about covers what value I can add to the blog. 😉

Hey, check out the new design! Barbara did that all herself. The new blue background really pops and the social networking icons are genius. How about we make all her hard effort worth it and use those clever buttons, eh? Another new thing that I’m pretty jazzed about is our brand spankin’ new Facebook page. I personally follow a lot of popular blogs using my FB account, and it’s very handy to have one place to read everyone’s reviews and updates. Plus, the FB status updates show the cover for the book the blogger is reviewing, and it gives me a better idea if I want to read it or not. Yes, I do judge a book by its cover. Don’t you?

We are putting on our big girl panties here at Basia’s Bookshelf, and are dreaming big. Did you notice the countdown for our interview with Sierra Dean about her upcoming release, A Bloody Good Secret? Even better, Secret McQueen herself will be making an appearance. Squee!! I love me some Secret. My first question to her is going to be why, when sexy Holden is around, does she choose Desmond to sleep with?! Make sure you note the date, because we will also be having an awesome giveaway to go along with the interview.

Speaking of giveaways, we are having more in the next few months than ever before! We know how much everyone loves free books, so we’ll be sure to make your stop here worth your while. *gleefully rubs her hands together*

Since Barbara is the boss, I’m going to let her prattle on about all the boring stuff such as our new policies and such. Aren’t I so generous?      ~Cait

So she leaves me the dry boring stuff? I can see where this partnership is headed. In truth, Cait and her Minion-itis came along at just the right time for me. Life offline had gotten crazy enough that I was about to put the blog on something close to a hiatus for a while when Cait agreed to become a contributor. She’d had her own book blog and I already knew she was an ace reviewer in addition to being a wonderful friend so it was a great match from the start. While I’ve been incredibly busy getting my son hauled off to college again, I’ve been generally missing in action from reviewing and she’s picked up the slack. When I’ve doubted whether or not I’m ready to dive into certain things with the blog yet, she’s either been a cheerleader for me or she’s just bulldozed me into it. The Force of Cait even got me to wade into the devil’s pit known as Facebook. (shudder) We’re considering that her domain now, in case that wasn’t obvious that I’m not a FB person.

So in general, Cait’s really awesome and I’m thrilled that she’s joined me here. Except I’m having to learn not to swear so much in front of her and it’s killing me. “Dangit” is just not the same as you know what.

As for the boring stuff, we’ve just added a few things to go along with our expansion. Since we’re going to have contests beyond the occasional blog hops, we’ve set up a policy that can be found under the Contests tab. There will be links to current events and past contests will be archived there as well once things settle down. We made some small changes and just generally tightened up our Submissions policy so it wasn’t so wordy (I know, me, wordy?), so if you’re interested in having us review something, you may want to have a peek.

We’re planning on more author events in the future, although those may take us some time to dive into. Like Cait said, we have an upcoming interview with the wonderful Sierra Dean, who’s one of the funniest and sweetest authors I’ve had the pleasure to chat with. We’ll be doing a guest post at Romance Book Junkies on October 3rd and I’m sure there’ll be all sorts of other things happening before the year ends.

So that’s about it. I got a great new blog partner/Minion. Lots of new stuff happening. Pretty and shiny new things on the sidebar.  Everyone even gets to stay on my lawn.    ~Barbara


We love your comments and do our best to respond to each of them. This is an awards-free blog but we do occasionally take chocolate tributes (okay, kidding).

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