On My Wishlist (9)

On My Wishlist
OMW is the wonderful Saturday meme started by Book Chick City where I get to list the books that I’m hoping to add to my collection – a polite way of saying books that I’m going burn pavement and buy as soon as I can.  The Mr. Linky is always open each Saturday at my hostess’ site if you’d like to join up and it’s always fun to hop to the other blogs and see what everyone else is wishing for.

I did what I promised myself I wouldn’t do and went to my closing Borders again yesterday – books were 60-70% off and their romance and YA sections were loaded!  I shouldn’t even have a wishlist left, but there are some books that are going to be released soon that I’m itching for. I’m wondering if I might have trouble reading Lauren Dane’s book though.  Her heroine has basically the same name as a murderer.


By Lauren Dane
Publication Date: April 5, 2011
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Genre: Futuristic Romance/Erotic

Andrei Solace delivers death on silent feet as an assassin for the Phantom Corps. Mercenary Piper Roundtree thought she was over him. But against the backdrop of an impending war, their passion is rekindled. Now the lovers must join forces- in more ways than one-to save the Known Universe before the Imperialist enemy hurls it into irreversible chaos.


Three to Tango
Three to Tango (anthology)

By Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Emma Holly and Bethany Kane
Publication Date: May 2011
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary Erotic

In Emma Holly’s FLIPPING FOR CHELSEA, Shay and Liam shared an unforgettable night with their lifelong friend, Chelsea, awakening a rush of forbidden feelings—feelings they have to reckon with when the three reunite, and the unrequited lust between them is too much to bear. Though Ava left her hard-knock Georgia childhood behind, she never forgot Luca and Angelo. Together they were best friends with a bond that could never be broken. But when she returns, the three must decide whether to face the fires that burn between them, or forgo their desires forever in Lauren Dane’s DIRTY/BAD/WRONG. In Megan Hart’s JUST ONE NIGHT, fun-loving couple Kerry and Jeremy find themselves in a triangle of trouble when Kerry’s old crush, Brian, returns for a school reunion, and Jeremy gives her his enthusiastic approval to seduce him. But while Jeremy has no trouble sharing Kerry, Brian isn’t sure he can handle what’s coming. Years ago, Walker walked out on Madeline when she needed him most. Now, the ex-Secret Service agent is back—hired to protect Madeline by her billionaire boss, Tony. Madeline is determined to make him pay for denying her desires—and she’s not above bringing Tony in to sweeten the deal in Beth Kery’s ON THE JOB.

Goodreads Summaries

So that’s what I’ve got on my wishlist this week – what’s on yours?




  1. I am such a sucker for covers that have hot male torso's on them! Sometimes I think I add them to my TBR list on Goodreads just so I can keep looking at them. ;-)Hope these books are good when you get a chance to read them!

  2. Good morning, Cait! The man-titty is a magnet for me too, I'm only half-embarrassed to admit. Lauren's earlier book in this series had the same model that Jaci Burton's infamous Perfect Play cover had (the swoony Jed Hill).As for the second book…well, there are a few authors contributing that I really like. :DNow go hurry and get yours up, lol.

  3. I need to read some Lauren Dane. Her books sound good, I just haven't gotten to read any of them yet. I need to fix that LOLOn My Wishlist

  4. This is the second time I've seen Memorized on a wishlist this week. Going to take a closer look at it.Happy reading 🙂

  5. Yikes, both of those covers pull the steaminess out! lol

  6. Ooo awesome picks! I think I'm going to have to add both of them to my wistlist as well. 🙂On My Wishlist

  7. Yummy @ Mesmerized… I'd buy that book just to stare at the cover!

  8. I bet Mesmerized won't have that cover in the UK! I have to avoid taking raunchy looking books to work with me as I never hear the end of it from colleagues.

  9. Master the fine art of creating book slipcovers, pwb. ;)You must respect the man-boobage once in a while, lol. Lauren's a terrific author, I'll even buy the uggo-cover things if she puts those out.

  10. Mesmerized looks good. Well the cover does. 🙂 Both look pretty steamy. Nice!

  11. Thanks for stoppig by! The cover of Mesmerized… *DROOL*

  12. This week's featured wish is about washing dishes Come see why I added it.

  13. Mesmerized sounds great. Hope you get it soon. Happy reading!кєяo's Book Blog

  14. Great OMW! Hope you get them. 😀

  15. oh… i am definitely mesmerized by the cover of mesmerized! LOL! three to tango looks interesting too!am a new follower… ^_^visit me some time @ http://bookcomfort.blogspot.com

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