Bloggiesta, The Way It Was (Or, A Final Wrap-up)

I never did get that margarita I was looking for and I’m afraid my nachos ended up being Cheetos Puffcorn, but I survived Bloggiesta without heartburn and that Monday-after something *special* so I’ll consider that a win!
I did a lot of organization and housekeeping the last few days, some of which I didn’t know I ought to be doing.  I took a long(er)-distance look at the blog, tried to look at some things objectively to see what looked like content that didn’t fit with what I wanted to do or to see what’s missing that I need to add in the future.  One of the first challenges was at My Friend Amy’s Blog, and that addressed the need for goals.  I spent the weekend thinking about what I want to do and drafted up some short and long-term plans that I think are achievable.

I started out Bloggiesta with six goals:

1. Create a text file for all of my CSS and code cheat sheets
2. Finish the reviews I have in near-finished draft form
3. Organize my to-be-read pile
4. Work on networking and with my Book Blogs account
5. Think about my inspiration, set my goals
6. Gather sources and information for my E-Reader page/tab

So where did I end up?

1. I did create that text file for my cheat sheets, which was a flash-back mini-challenge  Success!
2. I finished the reviews I had waiting.  Success!
3. I organized my TBR pile, which was a mini-challenge at Jenn’s Bookshelves  Success!
4., no, not so much.  Fail
5. Inspiration/goals – part of the challenge from My Friend Amy’s Blog and something I worked on all weekend.  Generally a Success!
6.  Gather sources and information for my E-Reader page/tab.  General Fail.  I barely worked on this.
7. Completed the 10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do mini-challenge at Word Lily’s BlogMostly a success – I think I need to change my scoring.
8. Completed the Mr. Linky/Linky Tools mini-challenge at Teach Mentor Texts’ BlogSuccess!
9. Read up on anchor text in a flashback mini-challenge.  Success!
10. Cleaned out my Google Reader from a flashback mini-challenge.  Success!
11. Created a Gravatar and a favicon that likely can only be seen in something other than IE from a flashback mini-challenge.  Success!
12. Completed the labels and tags mini-challenge at Beth Fish ReadsSuccess!
13. I added meta tags and data, my work on SEO is ongoing, I added Twitter’s TweetThis buttons to my post forms, some social icons in my footer and had my blog analyzed by HubSpot.  Success, except that HubSpot thing (ouch!)
14. I made some cosmetic changes and decisions about future content.  Success for me!

Where I wish I would have done better:

1. I wanted to be able to spend more time reading blogging resources.  I ended up just bookmarking everything to read later.
2. I didn’t get to visit anything close to the number of blogs I wanted to.  I just grabbed at a few who came to visit me, jumped over to the people who hopped to them and so on until I had to get back to mine.
3. Sunday was a little bit of a wash for me.  Between a migraine and the Packers, the day didn’t go anywhere.  But there’s always Monday!
4. I’m just flat out not good at networking or figuring out who to engage with.  I need a spreadsheet for that.  Geeks unite!
5. There are likely a couple dozen other things I can’t think of at the moment (including no reading getting done), but I’m zonked.

Time spent on Bloggiesta:  31.5 hours

Big thanks to the Bloggiesta hostess Natasha at Maw Books for what had to have been a monumental amount of work – and for the hostesses of all of the mini-challenges for their work!  Since I’m giving my Oscar speech, I’d also like to thank everyone that stopped by (I mean that sincerely), my mom and dad.. eh.  Before I forget…

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, the NFC Champions! 

(I promise, this is the last Bloggiesta post!)



  1. Congrats on all that you accomplished!I know what you mean about being terrible at networking. I feel the same way. So I'm going to put myself out there – if you ever need a blogging cheerleader or anything, feel free to hit me up!

  2. Hi Angela -Thank you for coming by! Ugh, I'm so bad at getting out there, lol. You sure you want to offer those cheerleading services? I'm going to hit you up and in return, I'm going to offer my own, rather pitiful but very enthusiastic ones. ;)Thank you, I really appreciate it.

  3. Congrats! I'm so very proud of you! Now I have to get myself organized.

  4. Thank you, Julia! I'd offer some organizational tips, but….well, I have none. O.o I'll be happy to stand on the sidelines with my pompoms and jump up and down while you work though. 🙂

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