Rolling along with Bloggiesta, day two

Day two was a butt-kicker.  I think I overdid things on day one and my eyeballs sent a cease and desist letter to part of my brain because I’ve been fighting off a migraine ever since yesterday morning.  It meant naps on and off and it’s going to mean a slow day today (plus there’s the Packer game!), but I think made some good headway so far.  So here’s yesterday’s update:

I tamed my cheat sheets!  It was very weird that the big pile of paper ended up being only four pages of typed text.  I suppose that it helped that Blogger now offers a big variety of fancy fonts now and a some of my cheats were ways to add special fonts to things.
I cleaned out my Google Reader.  I had forgotten all about the poor neglected thing.  What a mess that was.
I had my blog and Twitter presence analyzed using HubSpot, got depressed for a while then came back and worked.  After I changed some things I took the test again and improved my score a bit so that was nice.
I added a meta name and data to the blog.  I found there are some mixed feelings from web developers about whether or not web crawlers really pick this up anymore but why not add it anyway?  It took five minutes.
I worked some more on my SEO.  Ugh.  I need to figure out how to do alt image..stuff next.
My home page was loading really slowly for me for some reason and I was having an issue of my own with the way the sidebar looked, so I created a new tab with a page for my 2011 challenges and moved all of my images and information with links to their specific posts.
I spent 4 hours at Goodreads organizing every single book in my to-be-read shelf in the order that I’d want it read, always assuming of course that other books are going to pop up in between and will need to be inserted too.  At least now I’ll be able to keep up.  Bonus, right?
I added a signature (hi, down there!) and another little tweak to my post format, created partial drafts of my Saturday meme posts a couple of months ahead (minus the books right now though, I’m thinking).
I added my name to the Book Blogs search.

Oh, and I changed my Goodreads box from just a little name box to a highlight of the books that I’ve picked up most recently.

Today is going to be just a clean-up of my original list, some introspection and making a serious list for My Friend Amy’s mini-challenge post.  I absolutely want to do a lot of Blog hopping and I want to finish two reviews to post Monday and Tuesday at a minimum.  There’s also that Packer game.  🙂

I hope everyone else is having a productive Bloggiesta filled with nachos, tapas and of course, margaritas!



  1. You are humming along! I still don't understand how to use goodreads even though I have an account.

  2. Or lurching along. ;)Goodreads is the only one of those sort of places I can understand. LibraryThings gave me hives. There was another one but I'm deliberately blocking it from my mind. I'm disgusted with myself – I found another dozen + books I never put in Goodreads after I organized my list. I haven't even tried to figure that one out yet. Tuesday. I have Tuesday, right?

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