Bloggiesta, Day One Progress Report

Day one of Bloggiesta passed and I lived.  I kept going on and off until after 11, which ticked my cat off for some reason.  For housekeeping (my own – so I don’t have more paper littering my desk), I’m posting a progress report.  Think of this as a personal bookmark.

I completed Beth Fish Reads’ mini-challenge about labels and tags.  I removed the labels tab from my navigation bar and replaced it with a reviews tab, then added live links to each book.  Instead of having to look for reviews by the author name now, you can just look up the name of the book under the tab.  I took the label list and moved it back to the sidebar and converted it into a drop-down box.  I went back into each review and added genre and a couple of other tags into the labels along with the author name, so if you’d still like to search for a review that way, you can use the drop-down box.I completed Word Lily’s Ten Things Bloggers Should Not Do mini-challenge.I completed Teach Mentor Texts’ Mr. Linky/Linky Tools mini-challenge.

I made a Gravatar, which was weird since I always thought I had one.  Maybe it was for a different account.  Finally added a picture to my profile at Book Blogs.

Added Tweet This and the social link icons in my footer features.

I went to My Friend Amy’s Blog and posted some thoughts about my goals.  I’m still trying to get specific about them.  I’m good at the general stuff but coming up with a specific plan makes me feel scatterbrained.

A little cosmetics: shifted some sidebar gadgets around, made colored and outlined blocks around sidebar title headers, changed tab order, changed my post template a little and added a “recent posts” plugin.  I did a lot of things and then undid them.  😉

I backed up my blog on a remote server.  I do it on my own computer all the time since I tweak the heck out of it and I always back up before I do that, but I put an extra layer of fun on it and sent it off to Dropbox.

I did some blog-hopping.  I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but I spent a half hour or so on Twitter and clicked on the occasional profile and checked out blogs plus I went back to Maw Books and went through the links on the sidebar and went to blogs there.  I saw a lot of good ideas and some very motivated Bloggers!

I don’t feel like I got much done, probably because I didn’t exactly address much of my original to do list.  I had my blog analyzed at HubSpot and now I feel like I have an entirely new list, but that’s not for this weekend.  I have reviews I want to write beyond the ones I already have in near-finished draft form.

You know, I think one of the things in the “Ten Things Bloggers Should Not Do” was ignore their readers, which was about yammering on about themselves.  I think I said I don’t do that.  I need to lower my score.  Sorry!

Today’s goals:

Tame my mound of cheat sheets.

Put my To Be Read/Reviewed books in order at Goodreads.

Start gathering information for my eReader Information page.

Organize my affiliate information better and decide how/if I’m going to use it.

I’m keeping my official list manageable because I know I’ll add to it.



  1. I've seen slice of cherry a lot around the blogsphere that I'm thinking of adding it to my own list 😀My wishlist

  2. I love how creepy it looks. It's definitely going to be my next buy, ahead of last week's wishlist. I'm fickle that way, lol.

  3. Been reading a few of the #bloggiesta tweets as well – sounds like a fun challenge! Good luck 🙂

  4. You've got a lot more accomplished than me! You did good! I like your site – liked it before also!

  5. Hi Chrizette – I went and put Dark Mirror on my Amazon wishlist this afternoon after reading yours, so if my credit card starts smoking more than usual, you might be partially to blame. ;)Julia, please tell me you're not changing yours!? Your blog is terrific, I can't imagine what you want to change. I'll take the er.."foundation garment" on the laptop if you don't want it though, lol. It's pretty.

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