Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Mr. Linky/Linky Tools

Jen at Teach Mentor Texts gave a little workshop on how to set up a Mr. Linky tool.  I get to share my embarrassing story, since it’s a sort of get to know your Blogger weekend.  The first time I signed up for a challenge, of course the instructions ended with “sign up with Mr. Linky.”  I didn’t have a clue what that meant and I didn’t get an answer when I asked.  So…I went and signed up with Mr. Linky and spent a frustrating ten minutes trying to figure out how I was supposed to find the challenge link there.  D’oh!  I eventually saw what everyone else was doing somewhere else, but the end result here is, I got to skip a step in the tutorial because I already had a Mr. Linky account!(oh, and this is just a test – there is no Cat Tuesday- yet, bwuah haha)




  1. That is an excellent point. I tend to just say "sign up with Mr.Linky" but I need to remember that sometimes people won't have a clue what that means!

  2. Well, the "Sign up with Mr. Linky" was fine, it was just that when I asked what it was and how to do it, no one would answer me, including the hostess. 😦 I even Googled it, lol.Sign IN with Mr. Linky would have made sense to me at that point, but now of course I get the reason why it's Sign UP. It took me twice to link to the right post too. I actually graduated from college, I swear! O.o

  3. I didn't know what the Linky thing was either when I first started blogging. You've got it now though – looks good!

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