Bloggiest Mini-Challenge: Ten Things Bloggers Must Not Do

Hosted by Word Lily, one of Bloggiesta’s Mini-Challenges is to evaluate your blog and your habits, rate them then sit in the corner and think about what you’re doing wrong missy.  No, you should think about what it is you should be improving.  Onibalusi Bamidele came up with the list and we get to self-grade on a 1-5 curve.It’s a big ol’ list, so I’m going to put it and my rambling brainstorming after the jump.

  • You must not expect results overnight: Oh, I’m so guilty of this.  I stress like a maniac about my stats, my Twitter followers, my subscribers – I only just put up my Google followers gadget today because I was so stressed about it.  My Score: 1
  • You must not ignore your readers.  That one’s about posting about yourself and the things you like and self-related content.  I don’t do those posts, beyond the On My Wishlist Saturday Meme and that’s more for networking, I think.  My Score: 5
  • You must not scrape other Bloggers content.  New bloggers not knowing the basics taking other bloggers content?  I haven’t done that.  My score: 5
  • You must not expect success without promoting.  Ugh, I’m awful at this.  I’m a nerd, a wallflower, a dork a non-joiner.  It hurts me to promote, but I’ve been getting a little better, meaning barely.  I do post review notices on Twitter and with my cross-posting, get some extra notice.  My Score: 1
  • You must not be another blogger.  The “fake it ’til you make it” strategy where you mimic someone else.  It’s tempting in theory, exhausting in practice.  I yam who I yam.  It’s more tempting when it comes to blog design.  I wanted something colorful to compete with all of the wild butterflies out there but finally gave up and went with what my eyes liked.  My Score: 4
  •  You must not fail to update your blog regularly.  I don’t go more than a few days.  If I go more than a handful, it’s because I’m sick.  My Score: 5
  • You must not ignore SEO.  A week ago, I would have asked what the hell that was.  I found a source that showed me how to work it and have been playing with it.  My Score: 3
  • You must not ignore networking.  Eh, what’s with all the people skills things?!  I’m awful at networking.  I know it.  I’m working on it, working on being a joiner and talking to more people.  I leave more comments on other people’s blogs and do the kinds of things I want other people to do with mine.  I take more care with my Twitter account although I despise Facebook and still refuse to use it.  My Score: 2
  • You must not have an unreadable/unnavigable site.  Mm.  I don’t think I do.  I’ve been trying to keep things simple.  I only have a handful of things in my header bar, the important information in my sidebars is near the top.  My Score: 5
  • You must not throw mud around.  HA!  See, now my non-networking skills get me something positive.  I don’t know anyone so I can’t sling any mud anyway, even if I wanted to.  No, actually that’s not really my thing.  There are a zillion book blogs – how much gossip would you have to sling around to take them all down to get to the top?  My Score: 5
I’m going to go way, way far out on a limb here and say the area I need to work on is networking and promotion.  I joined Book Blogs a while ago and really haven’t done anything with it.  I need to actively start searching out other blogs that are like mine and connecting with them.  I don’t really want to start doing a lot of the daily memes, but since I catch a lot of general commentary posts in my Twitter stream that I do go read, I should be better about leaving comments and joining conversations.  I just don’t leave much of a footprint when I go places, if that makes a lot of sense. I’m really not sure what else.  That’s what this weekend is for.  🙂


  1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about blogging. I'm glad you are participating in Bloggiesta because it does get you out there and meeting new people.

  2. Interesting. I very much agree that you should not ignore your visitors – make them feel welcome and appreciated!

  3. Hi Natasha and Julia!I'm glad I'm participating in Bloggiesta too. Oy, do I need to do some things.Julia, I love the style of the content on your website. Ever since I read Come Back to Me, I've been haunting your site and you're such a pleasure to read. You ought to try out that writing thing. 😉

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