On My Wishlist (2)

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday.  It’s where I list all the books I desperately want but haven’t actually bought yet.  They can be old, new or forthcoming.  It’s also an event that you can join in with too – Mr. Linky is always at the ready for you to link your own “On My Wishlist” post.  If you want to know more, click HERE.

I’m keeping my list each week to just three books – because I know I’d go gonzo otherwise.  🙂  I picked up Silver Bullet, the next entry in the Delilah Street series by Carole Nelson Douglas, thinking I already had the previous three…nope.  I was thinking of the Persephone Alcmedi series.  /facepalm.  So, since I’m physically incapable of starting a series midway, on my wishlist..yep.  Quick primer on the Delilah Street series: it’s a UF about a paranormal investigator who heads out to Las Vegas to find a missing relative that was on CSI Las Vegas – yeah, the television show.  She ends up working for the show’s producer and in love with a paranormal investigator with the FBI.  The books are full of all sorts of freaks and all sorts of fantasy and science fiction elements.  Now I just need to read them in full!

Dancing With Werewolves
Mass Market Paperback, 394 pages
Publisher: Juno
Publication Date: October 30, 2007
ISBN 9780809572038

Brimstone Kiss
Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Publisher: Pocket
Publication Date: October 28, 2008
ISBN 9780809573042
Vampire Sunrise
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Pocket
Publication Date: November 24, 2009
ISBN 9781439156773
So what’s on your wishlist this holiday?


  1. Here's what I'm wishing for this last week of 2010.

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