Tarnished Knight (Grimm’s Circle, Book 4)

Tarnished KnightBy Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: October 26, 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Purchased

The mind forgets, but the body remembers. Everything.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 4

One look at Jack Wallace and Perci knows he’s going to be trouble. Even surrounded by soul stealers, he’s a one-man wrecking crew. What does he need Grimm training for? He’s already hell on earth, a warrior bent on destruction. And something…more.

He’s too strong and fast to be a mere mortal. Even covered in blood, he makes her forget she’s only here to do a job and get out. It’s twisted. Sick. She hasn’t felt this alive in three centuries.

Born with a natural talent for killing unnatural things, Jack has always known things he shouldn’t. The fact that Perci is one of them glows all over her. Giving him an unholy urge to see just how far he can push her before don’t touch me melts into touch me there.

When they come together, it isn’t careful or cautious. It’s heaven and hell, exposing all their raw and wounded places to healing heat, resurrecting memories of a destined love from the distant past. But the evil that destroyed them once before has tracked them here, threatening their second and last chance at forever. Demanding a sacrifice no one—Grimm or human—should ever be asked to make…

Warning: Dark, sexy, a little bit scary—this fairy tale is only for grownups and is best saved for bedtime.

Goodreads Summary

Each of the Grimm’s Circle books opens with their sort of handler/guide Will getting his rather oblique orders for where to send the Grimms on their assignments.  It seems like most of the time they’re rather ordinary, but occasionally they’re emotionally painful for the Grimm involved, as they are now for one couple who’ve been together for hundreds of years.

Perci and Luc were married three hundred years ago and now stay together fighting as Grimm together out of some sort of weird mishmash of duty, guilt, unrequited love and hope.  Luc feels responsible for Perci losing their unborn children and her own life and he’s still in love with her; on some level, Perci blames him too, and feels guilt on top of that because she can’t return the love she knows Luc wants her to feel.  She stays with him, being his eyes (he was blinded all those years ago) out of her own need to do some form of penance for her lack of love for him.  When Will shows up to send her on an assignment without Luc, both are devastated but Luc more than Perci understands why she needs to go alone.

Jack Wallace has spent years fighting demons, not as a Grimm, not really as a human either.  He’s just different and he’s not sure why.  He knows all about both, was told by his mother who was one, yet died of cancer, but he fights alone.  He’s out kicking some demon butt, about to be outnumbered, when he gets a little help in the form of Perci.  When she tracks him down later, he’s not thrilled to see her, especially when he sees that she’s a Grimm.

Ah, I love smart-aleck Perci, although she usually uses her mouth as cover when her heart is bruised.  Jack is all gruff and angry most of the time and he hasn’t got a clue how to deal with Perci, since most of the time he either wants to throw her out of his house or maybe down on the floor.  They choose the floor a lot.  Yum.  Well, and the wall.  These two have some biting, fighting sex and it’s hot.  He uses his knife to slit her bra off at one point – it works in context.  (fans self)

Kicking demon butt isn’t the main event here; I’m not sure how close to secondary it is either.  This book is mostly emotional, on several fronts.  Perci has some baggage to let go of; she’s been suppressing a lot of feelings about what happened 300 years ago and it’s made her hang on to Luc longer than she should have, longer than what’s been healthy for either of them.  Jack has his own: he’s been having flashbacks that involve Perci and he’s got a big chip on his shoulder where the Grimm are concerned.  Will’s been floating in and out of his life being his usual enigmatic self; when the final showdown happens, he finally yanks Jack out of the action and demands that he confront the past and who he really is/was.  Perci’s gift is healing and it plays the pivotal role.

Will continues his separate storyline that began in Crazed Hearts with Mandy and there’s a new character introduced that the fairy tale of Snow White was spun off from.  As always, I’m loving the depth that the Grimm’s backgrounds are being given.  It’s not that they’re dark and morbid (although they do seem to be), but they’re very complex and emotional.  It’s not just Perci that’s been given the spotlight; Jack, Luc and Will are all given good space.

This is probably the most standalone of the series, but I’d still recommend reading them all, in order, because they all make more sense that way.  Will’s story won’t have the same depth and I don’t think you’ll get the same understanding of the Grimms as a whole unless you start from the beginning.

My Rating: A-




  1. Wow, I HAVE to check this one out! I LOVE Shiloh Walker!

  2. lol – you terrified me!This is a great series though, it seems to be getting so much better and richer. They're such shorties and so inexpensive on Ammy, I don't know why they don't get noticed much, considering how popular her print books are.Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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