My Grimm’s Circle Marathon/Their Summary

You’ll notice (well, if you look) that there are five reviews of Shiloh Walker’s Grimm’s Circle stories here in a row.  I had the first few still on my Kindle from when I’d read them earlier, then when I saw the newest release, Tarnished Knight, I decided to go back, read them all again and review them all at once.  I love the concept and what the author’s done with it and where it’s going.  Tarnished Knight is my favorite so far; Perci, Luc and Jacque/Jack’s story is heartbreaking, as is Will and Mandy’s.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Anyway, since I put them all out there without the sort of explanatory header that I would normally have done, giving the general mythos of the series if it had been a single review rather than a string, here goes:

The Grimm are a group of nearly immortal angels, created to protect the world from demons and other evil entities. First created centuries ago, it was decided that to explain the odd circumstances of their lives and deaths, strange tales would be woven about their lives, stories that eventually would become folk tales, fairy tales and legends. Grimm are humans with special gifts in their normal lifetimes, gifts like healing or empathy, who are given a choice before their death: give up life and die then or become a Grimm, fighting with them forever or until they choose to give up their wings (figurative, etched on a silver disc they all wear that acts as sort of a bat signal, warming when they’re about to be sent on a mission) and live out a normal human lifespan.
Grimm can heal from nearly any injury; even extremely serious ones can eventually be treated through long-term stasis, but they can be killed

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