I Thought It Was You (Grimm’s Circle, Book 2.5)

I Thought It Was YouBy Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: July 13, 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Author

The events of this free short story take place between the events of No Prince Charming and Ren’s story, Crazed Hearts.

It turns out both Ren and Elle had some loose ends they needed to tie up…and that’s what this story is about. It’s not Ren’s happy ever after. That’s in Crazed Hearts.

Goodreads Summary

This isn’t a full Grimm book and doesn’t have a full paranormal element per se; there isn’t any big bad demon fighting, there’s no new fable or fairy tale to figure out.  I think if anything, I considered this a little reward for Ren fans looking for some sign that he didn’t just fall off the side of the road when Elle and Michael got their happily ever after in No Prince Charming.  When their story ended, he believed he was still achingly in love with her and felt rudderless, without purpose.

Sent to Elle and Michael’s cabin by Will, the sort of Grimm boss, he has no idea what to expect, only that he’s in turmoil and pain.  Michael is less than pleased to see him, but Elle recognizes that Ren’s walking on the edge of a familiar madness.  Michael and Elle had a love affair first before they were torn apart and became Grimm and Ren and Elle were lovers for a century before Elle and Michael reunited.  In one night of passion, the three had a ménage that deeply affected Elle; I think knowing how much Elle still had feelings for Ren (not as a lover, but as a loving and yes, passionate friend) and how much Ren still longed for Elle, Michael agreed to one last night between the three of them (m/f/m).  They were certainly as hot as they were the first time; no steam lost.

By the time Will pops in, I couldn’t decide if he knew what he’d set in motion or not, but he’d brought with him a familiar face from Candy Houses, the first book in the series, someone for Ren to train who was destined to become a Grimm after her death and someone to give him purpose again.

As a series follower, I thought this was a great bridge.  I can see why someone just picking it up out of the blue wouldn’t get it, but for Grimm’s Circle fans, I think an extra peek at Ren is completely worth the bit of time.

My Rating: C+



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