Thoughts on following a long series

I was adding a couple of books to my GoodReads account the other day (and yes, thinking really really hard about continuing series’ based on my poor experience with Lora Leigh’s Styx’s Storm) and saw an update by Mandi at Smexy Books that she’d had a guest reviewer (Sparklybearsy) have a go at the latest “In Death” book by JD Robb. This is, I think, the 31st book in the series, which is mind-boggling. Sparklybearsy gave it a solid 5/5 rating and commented that the relationship between Eve and Roarke was just as sexy as ever.  That was one of my worries when I dropped the series a few years ago; how on earth can you maintain that kind of thing?  It’s one of the reasons I decided to have a go at the three I have sitting here (26, 27 and 28) and if they work for me, then I’ll likely pick up the rest.

The other reason I dropped off was the decision made to shift from paperback to hardcover.  Heading one argument off at the pass, I just want to note that I’m one of those people that has to have the book on release day.  Anyway.  Fans of the In Death series had known a couple of books before most casual observers that JD was Nora Roberts, but once she officially “outed” herelf, the books went from paperback to hardcover and that pissed me off.  Capitalizing on the name to obviously draw in Roberts fans was a shrewd business move, I get it.  But I’d stuck around through nearly 20-ish paperbacks and I felt screwed.  At the time, there were plenty of awesome new series that were coming out strictly in paperback format to take its place: Gena Showalter had a couple, there was Kresley Cole, Lara Adrian, Christine Feehan, Nalini Singh.  In other words, while I adored Eve and Roarke, I had other options (ironically, Feehan’s now in hardcover, but thankfully for me, out of all of the books in her Carpathian series since she went there, there’s only been one that’s been worth picking up for me anyway).

I still do have plenty of options and judging by the size of my TBR pile, I have a lot to work through before I get to my other In Death books, but knowing Eve and Roarke still have some sizzle and I have the books anyway, I feel better about at least giving them a whirl instead of letting them collect dust.  There’s also the bonus that enough time’s elapsed since I left the series that all of the books I missed are now out in paperback anyway.

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