Within His Sight

Within His SightBy Denise Agnew

Publisher: Liquid Silver
Publication Date: May 23, 2010
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: Purchased

Women respond to a man’s testosterone without any thought… Tainted by bad memories of past betrayal, Mary Wickes knows getting involved with SWAT team member Dace “Hard Man” Banovic would be a big mistake. Yet working with him for six months at the sheriff’s department has proven that her hormones don’t care what she thinks–only what she wants. Men respond to a woman’s softness without any thought… Dace is puzzled by Mary’s avoidance tactics, and although he’s tried to ignore the powerful attraction he feels for her, he can’t help wanting to learn everything about the woman he’s desired for months. When danger comes, sometimes it takes a special man and woman to see it through to the end… When a hostage situation forces them to confront their fears, Mary and Dace must find the courage to face the feelings they’ve tried so hard to deny.

Goodreads Summary

This was a hot, exciting little read (it’s a digital, I downloaded it onto my Kindle) that I enjoyed in the span of an evening (flipped the television off for a bit, settled back with a cup of tea – perfect).

Mary Wickes has some issues and doesn’t want to get involved with a cop, least of all Dace “Hard Man” Banovic, even though he’s sex on a stick and she’s been dying for a lick for six months.  Dace has been equally attracted to Mary, but it takes news that she’s leaving town for him to finally start invading her space.  Thanks to some meddling on the part of his partner and his wife, he and Mary are thrown together one night and they dial the steam up a notch or three.

Then Mary’s taken hostage and Dace’s S.W.A.T. team is called in to negotiate; they both realize life is too short not to explore what they could have and they spend a passionate night together.  Unfortunately, Mary wakes up the next morning with regrets, reminded that she’s got a rule about not dating cops.  Dace decides to give her some space, sure that they can work things out.

For the purpose of the shorter story, I get that there needed to be a series of urgent conflicts to push the relationship along and to force Mary into making decisions faster than if she’d have been left to make them in her own time.  I think Dace let Mary off the hook far too easily too often though; she let events carry her when I wish she’d actually thought about things and grown up a little.  I would have happily sacrificed the last big conflict for a little soul-searching on her part.

Well, I don’t think I’d have sacrificed the scene with the helping to undress Dace on the bed part.  Hawt.  I’ve read quite a few of Agnew’s ebooks over the last few years and I’ve appreciated that she’s able to write steamy love scenes that are only semi-graphic and end up being emotional and very sexy.

Still, Dace was hot enough and mature enough and did I mention hot enough, that this was a speedy, fun read.  This is part of the four book Heart of Justice series, which also includes Within His Embrace, Under His Protection, and In Her Defense.

My Rating: B



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